Online Poker Tells Can Damage Your Online Game


When playing online, it is very easy to fall into a rhythm. The game is set up to move as quickly as
possible. There are preset buttons to fold, call or raise. The cards come hurling from the dealers
the hand and each player is expected to act fast. The fast pace of playing online could be doing more
than keeping the game moving smoothly. You have just developed a VIRTUAL TELL.

Be careful how fast you click your mouse, you may give your hand away. Just because you are not sitting next to the other players, it doesn’t mean you cannot read them and they cannot read you. A common misconception of online poker is that it removes the aspect of reading your opponents and looks for clues to determine what they hold 오바마카지노.

A virtual tell is just like any other tell. It is a subconscious action that you perform in a given
the situation that gives other players at the table clues to what you’re holding. Do you constantly use
the automatic raise feature with a strong hand? Do you always take longer to call with a weaker
hand? If so, you may give your hand a sharp player looking to exploit your weakness.

The ways you can give your hand away online are as numerous as it tells in a live poker room. It could be something obvious as overusing the automatic features or as subtle as being overly anxious to bet a strong hand. Are you constantly quick to click the “bet” key when you have a good hand? If so, you may be costing yourself money. Players will pick up on your betting and quickly fire the batch or raises.

The key to successfully avoiding a virtual tell is to keep a constant broken rhythm to your play. Be
aware that you should sometimes wait and call for the time that is given to you. Other times
call quickly. Be sure to mix it up in order to ensure that no one gets read on your hand
betting pattern.

Remember that poker is a constant game of cat and mouse. Playing online is no different. In order to be successful you will need to keep your opponents guessing. Try your best not to fall into a rhythm with your play. Be aware of the virtual telling outlined in this article as well as any other patterns you think you might fall into. Don’t just try to avoid these traps for yourself, look for others who may have a betting pattern. If you can spot VIRTUAL TELL players, you will have a tremendous increase in overall profits.

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